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Director YASAH is a non-profit organization located on the Island of Sumatra, Indonesia on the outskirts of one of the island’s larger cities, Medan.  YASAH comforts the lonely, feeds the hungry, shelters unwanted children and helps those who have sadly lost parents to the natural disasters that have befallen the country.  There are currently after 102 active, lively and happy children who live in YASAH.

YASAH was founded by Elinudin Ndraha and Susanna after their natural good nature took pity upon the numerous orphans after the natural disasters.  It was opened in 2001 on a tiny budget and the firm belief that God would provide, a principle that it still fundamental today.  The first children stayed with Elinudin and Susanna in their tiny house, which could barely contain their current family, yet alone the extra children that they were kindly adopting.  After much persistence and determination, the Japanese Tsunami Fund generously built their current location in 2006.  This new building had enough room for just over 100 children.

The children were originally sent to a public school, however due to the cost and quality of the education given at the school Elinudin Ndraha and Susanna began home schooling in June 2010.  Although the orphanage is large, it was not originally designed to be a school so Elinudin and Susanna began to try to get some funding to build a school.  In January 2011 the local land owners kindly donated some land and money so in June 2011 a newly built school opened, not only for the orphans but for the local community.

Going forward YASAH wants to create a more stable curriculum, with English as a focus.  Elinudin and Susanna dream that the school will one day have reputation for every child leaving the school being fluent in English and that every classroom is always filled with happy and smiling children.  These dreams are slowly becoming true with your kind and generous donations.

Friendship Footsal Match YASAH and YACAN

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Friendship Footsal Match antara Anak-anak asuh LKSA YASAH dan LKSA YACAN merupakan sebuah kegiatan yang sangat baik yang telah direncanakan sebelumnya dengan tujuan untuk memupuk persahabatan bahkan persaudaraan sebagai sesama anak asuh LKSA meski berbeda Yayasan.

Pada kegiatan ini LKSA YASAH berkesempatan menjadi tuan rumah untuk menjamu team footsal dari LKSA YACAN. Kegiatan tersebut dilaksanakan di lapangan footsal Sekolah Anastasia dan yang bertidak sebagai wasit pada saat itu adalah Sir Ronardo Barus, S.Pd.

Kegiatan tersebut berlangsung sangat seru dan menyenangkan, kami berharap agar kegiatan seperti ini tidak berhenti disitu saja tetapi dapat dikembangkan dan terus diadakan dihari yang akan datang.

Friendship Footsal Match

Friendship Footsal Match
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Friendship Footsal Match
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Friendship Footsal Match


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