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Birthday Celebration
Mr. Sadikin Lie, Advisor accompanied by Mr. Hadinata Rusli BA, Chairman of Lie Family of North Sumatera handed over the Appreciation Certificate to Mr. Ndraha, Director of YASAH as parter in the field of handling social work. The program was taken on the occasion of Chinese New Year celebration on 25 February 2018 at Emerald Garden Hotel, Medan. On the same time Mr. Ndraha also presented certificates to Ibu Joeceli as Chairman of Steering Committee, Mr. Eddy Syahputra as Treasurer, Mr. Hadinata Rusli as Chairman, Mr. Anton as Secretary.
Birthday Celebration
Mr. Robent Chin and friends have been scheduled to visit YASAH Orphanage every month to celebrate the birthday of the underprivilaged children. This partnership was started since 2013. Mr. Robent and friends always give some gifts to the children. YASAH children always give a very enthusiastic welcome so the atmosphere of the birthday event is very festive and meaningfull.
Visit of Mr. Wayne and Marta
On January 15, 2017, Mr. Wayne-von-Borstel and his wife Martha signed a stone inscription accompanied by the Chairman of the Anastasia Foundation, Ivan Noel Ndraha BA to inaugurate four classrooms. Anastasia School was established in 2012 and now has approximately 478 students. While 80 children from YASAH studied at Anastasia School and the rest of the students came from the surrounding communities who were categorized as underprivilaged family.
classroom inuaguration
Visit of Mr. Wayne von Borstel and Marta to Medan from 14th to 15th January 2018. When You Care Enough to Return Charitable inspiration can come in almost any form and at any time. The seed that sparked in Wayne von Borstel was the book, Three Cups of Tea. Though the author would later be discredited for not being entirely truthful, it had already inspired von Borstel and his wife Marta with a new charitable purpose.


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