Packages for Children

Assistance to needy children through Panti Asuhan Sungai Air Hidup would be granted in the form of: School supplies, School uniform, Assistance with school fees and life expenses.

The school supplies and school uniform are delivered directly to the foster child while the assistance with the school fees is sent to Panti Asuhan Sungai Air Hidup
The package of school supplies and school uniform must reach each foster child completely intact. In other words, a package of school supplies and school uniform sent to one foster child may not be divided up among several children.

This form and delivery of the assistance aims to ensure that all assistance is used solely for the schooling needs of the foster children and is not diverted for other purposes.
The amount of aid for each child matches exactly the amount of the contribution from each foster parent, i.e., Rp 240,000 for each child of elementary school age, Rp 260,000 for each child of junior high school age and Rp.300,000 for each child of high secondary school per month.

Assistance package consist of: School Supplies and School Uniform Package delivered personally to each beneficiary foster child. Assistance for School Fees and life expense should be remitted to Panti Asuhan Sungai Air Hidup.

Type of Package Elementary School Package Junior High School Package High Secondary School Package
 School Supplies Package
1. Notebooks 10 15 15
2. Drawing books 2 2  2
3. Writing pencils 2 2  2
4. Ballpoint pens  1  2 2
5. Crayons  1 set 1 set   1 set
6. Erasers  2  2  2
7. Pencil sharpener  1  1  1
8. Compass  - 1  1
9. Ruler  1 1  1
10. Trisquare  -  1  1
11. Pencil case  -  1  1
12. School bag  1  1 1
 School Uniform Package
1. School uniform 1 uniform  1 uniform  1 uniform 
2. Scout/guide uniform  1 uniform  1 uniform 1 uniform 
3. Black school shoes  1 pair 1 pair  1 pair 
Life Expenses Package  Rp.240,000,- Rp.260,000,-  Rp.300,000,- 


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