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The Sponsorship Program is the primary source of funds for caring for all of the children here at YASAH. It also allows sponsors to establish a personal relationship with an individual child. Sponsors may select a child or we will assign a child.

The children at YASAH come from difficult circumstances. Some are orphans, some abandoned, abused or from extremely poor conditions. Once at YASAH, we joyfully assume responsibility for their care - including nutritional food, comfortable and clean clothing and living quarters, as well as educational, medical, and general developmental needs. Most importantly, we strive to give the children strong spiritual guidance.

YASAH also uses sponsorship funds to support children who need further education or training or have unusual medical needs. The needs of all children are met without regard to whether a child has a sponsor or how long they have been here at YASAH.

Multiple sponsors are allowed since people who visit the orphanage will bond with a child and want to become a part of that particular child’s life. We pray that you may find meaning and blessing in your sponsorship and the desire to care individually as a friend for your child as he/she grows in all ways.

Sponsoring a child in Indonesia

You may sponsor a specific child, most of whom are orphans or alternatively allow the team in Yasah to choose a child for you. You may specify girl or boy and give a preference for age and circumstances (e.g. whether one parent, both parents or neither parents are dead). ‘YASAH’ team in spend 95% on the child and save 5% towards the child’s medical and dental bills. Sponsors receive financial accounts at least twice-yearly. If your giving as a sponsor is gift-aided the tax reclaim will be put in the General Fund, so that some children do not receive more than others.

You will receive letters and photos from your sponsored child and maybe even DVD recordings. The sponsored children are thrilled and grateful to receive support from sponsors.

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