The main aim of this orphanage is to help and to educating the motherless children in order to gain their bright future.

Education can contribute to national development because if we educate our youths in schoolwork and in everyday life exercises and physical activities maybe later in life they will grow up to have a job to contribute what they have learnt.

The role of education in society
Education plays a major role in supporting national development goals, and meeting the needs and aspirations of a society.
The tension between the global and the local: Education should help young people become world citizens as well as play an active part in the life of their own country and community.

The tension between the universal and the individual: Education should help young people learn how to critically assess and balance the risks and promises of globalization as well as choose their own future and achieve their full potential within their own cultures.

The tension between tradition and modernity: Education should help young people appreciate and value history and cultural traditions, balancing these with the ethical discernment and cooperative skills to appreciate where change and innovation are necessary and worthwhile.

The tension between long-term and short-term considerations: Education should help young people learn how to balance short- and long-term goals, in the full realization that the solutions to many problems call for patience and a consideration of the needs of future generations.

The tension between competition and cooperation: Education should help young people strive for excellence in all they do whilst balancing the principles of “competition, which provides incentives; co-operation, which gives strength; and solidarity, which unites”.

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